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Edward Obayashi is the Deputy Sheriff and Legal Advisor for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and serves as the Legal Advisor and General Counsel for several law enforcement agencies and organizations in California.

Ed is recognized as one of the foremost legal experts in California, nationally, and internationally in law enforcement matters related to both management and labor, particularly in Use of Force and Internal Affairs Investigations issues.

Ed is also a leading expert witness in Use of Force cases and is regularly referred to by various California law enforcement associations and agencies. He trains and advises county counsels, city attorneys, and district attorneys in law enforcement legal matters and complex cases.

Ed is the official Use of Force training advisor for California Police Training Managers.

He is regularly retained by law enforcement civil liability defense attorneys, prosecution attorneys, and associations representing law enforcement agencies in high profile and complex cases.

Ed is regularly featured in the news media and official law enforcement training media for his Use of Force and Police Practices legal expertise.

For more detailed BIO, see affiliated link CAPTO (California Association of Police Training Officers)

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Service of the Highest Caliber to Law Enforcement
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