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Law Cop

Mexico Federal Police Use of Force & Internal Affairs Investigation Training (Mexico City): Courtesy of U.S. State Department



As a leading instructor and one of the most in demand lecturers for law enforcement agencies and academia nationally and internationally, LAWCOP training clients include the largest and smallest local, state, and federal agencies and prestigious law schools and universities. Ed Obayashi instructs the only California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified Advanced Internal Affairs Investigations course.




Deputy Sheriff/Policy Advisor Edward Obayashi, Attorney at Law and consultant to numerous law enforcement agencies, is presenting POST certified courses for law enforcement personnel. These classes cover legal, procedural, and ethical issues that impact real world policing. In addition, customized training is available based on an agency's specific needs. Ed will travel to your location for the training.

  • All courses are FULLY CERTIFIED for CPT credit (MCLE credit-denoted by *)
  • Courses presented in variable time length formats


As Deputy Sheriff and Legal Advisor, Edward Obayashi is uniquely qualified to present these classes.

His background includes:

  • POST Subject Matter Expert
  • Member, POST Legal Update Committee
  • Nationally recognized law enforcement legal expert
  • U.S. Government and International Law Enforcement Use of Force Expert
  • U.S. Government and International Law Enforcement Internal Affairs Expert
  • Deputy Public Defender and Civil Rights attorney
  • San Diego District Attorney Police Liaison
  • California District Attorneys Association:
    Expert in Police Practices and Use of Force
  • Academy Instructor: Legal Update, Report Writing, Use of Force
  • Consultant to law enforcement legal advisors (county counsels, city attorneys, and prosecutors)
  • Lead Instructor, Internal Affairs Investigation (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office RTC)
  • Patrol Officer and Investigator
  • Special Prosecutor
  • California State BAR Use of Force Legal Expert


  • “Great class. This class should be taught to ALL cops.”
  • “The best training I have ever been involved in.”
  • “Excellent training and trainer.”
  • “Ed did a very good job. Subject matter was current and relevant.”
  • “Ed is very knowledgeable. A lot of good info came out of his class.”
  • “Ed was terrific.”


Reviews current laws, court decisions, and legal trends including search and seizure, use of force, and civil liability. (2 or 4 hours format)

Focuses on case law associated with force applications. Includes current issues and scenarios for a variety of use of force situations. (2 or 4 hours format)

The purpose of his course is to develop and increase peace officers’ understanding and appreciation of the impact of their respective social media interactions, whether on or off duty. This course examines the often negative societal and law enforcement impacts of social media conduct by peace officers and the potential negative effects upon an officer's reputation and career. The course examines employee's First Amendment considerations compared to the employing agency's responsibilities. (2 hours)

Legal issues, updates and policies concerning domestic violence incidents. Meets “every two years” requirement for domestic violence training for field officers. (2 hours)

Looks at the negative impact it has on targeted individuals and the entire community − includes practical exercises. Update training is required every five years. (2 hours)

Covers federal and state statutes prohibiting workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation − includes examples, remediation, and agency policy. (2 hours)

Studies the legal issues, case law, interviewing techniques, and report writing − covers the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act. (24 hours)

Studies advanced investigative issues related to social media, use of force, dishonesty, credibility assessment determination, and cognitive interview techniques. (8 hours)

These courses (Update: 8 hours; Intermediate: 24 hours) will enhance report writing skills for both criminal and civil liability reports, recognizing the demands placed on field personnel for increased follow-up investigations and changing societal norms which impact perceptions of police practices. (8 hours)

This course is designed to help the officer become more comfortable in the courtroom and to teach the officer to testify effectively. (8 hours)

Examines current issues of law enforcement ethics-includes practical tools for ethical decision making

*Approved for State BAR MCLE Credit (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education)

For more information contact

Edward Obayashi: [email protected]